Friday 28 August “Run in the Sea” at the Porto Corsini Dam

Friday 28 August “Run in the Sea” at the Porto Corsini Dam

After last Friday’s success at the Darsena di Città with the first of two dates of “Run in the Sea”, the first ever running event organized in the local area after the lockdown, the running competitions promoted by Ravenna Runners Club are back.

As already planned for some time, the second appointment is set for Friday 28 August at the North Breakwater “Cavalcoli” in Porto Corsini where the format already proposed the previous week will be replicated and which has given comforting results, guaranteeing functionality and safety for all participants. A restart attentive to all the provisions that will therefore be replicated in a fascinating context that will lead runners to run in an offshoot that extends for several kilometers into the Adriatic Sea. And to ensure maximum safety, the entire Porto Corsini Breakwater will be off-limits from 18.00 to 21.00 to both vehicles and pedestrians, both moving and parked, as per a specific order of the Port Authority.

Departure of the first athlete registered in the program at 18.30 from the start of the dam itself and length of the test of 5 km. It will of course be a time trial race and the participants will be given the start 20 “away from each other, guaranteeing them an adequate distance both before and after the test in the various areas prepared by the organization. All this to meticulously respect the FIDAL guidelines designed to leave again in peace. And just to follow all the regulations in force, registration can only be made online by Wednesday 26 August and in any case up to a maximum of 200 athletes.

All the info and details to register are available on the Ravenna Marathon City of Art website, in the “Other” section of the menu or directly at the link: https://www.maratonadiravenna.com/wp/run-in-the-sea/

In the meantime, on Friday 21 August the first of the two tests of “Run in the Sea” at the Darsena di Città di Ravenna, in the shadow of the Moor of Venice, saw the success, on the 3,600 meters of the route, of Nicholas De Nicolò (Dinamo Sport) in 10’36 “and Simona Prunea (Orecchiella Garfagnana) with a time of 14’02”. All the detailed rankings of “Run in the Sea” are available on the website maratonadiravenna.com directly at the link: https://bit.ly/31eNBPE.

Ravenna, 25 August 2020