“Running Without Borders” is back and disability takes to the streets again with the Hoka Ravenna Marathon

“Running Without Borders” is back and disability takes to the streets again with the Hoka Ravenna Marathon

The lockdown and the pandemic have created enormous difficulties in socialization, even more so in fragile subjects. For this reason, the confirmation of the initiative “Running without Borders – All Together” is of greater importance, if possible, also on the occasion of the Hoka Marathon in Ravenna City of Art 2021 and its collateral events.

The project created to open the doors of the Ravenna Marathon to all people with disabilities who do not have the athletic training and the possibility of covering the most demanding distances already foreseen in the program will therefore return on November 14th. The great event on the second Sunday of November is once again confirmed as an increasingly large container of events truly open to all, without any distinction.

The idea of ​​”Running without Borders” was born within the Coordination for motor and sports activities adapted to the person with intellectual disabilities created in 2016 by the CSI of Ravenna and the La Pieve Social Cooperative and can be considered a sort of spin-off of the “Playing without borders” event, a meeting aimed at athletes with disabilities and dedicated to promoting social inclusion through athletics and sports tournaments, organized in the past with the involvement of social cooperatives and sports clubs in the area.

Under the slogan “sport is for everyone”, a short route has been set up again that will take disabled athletes and their companions to cover about 3 km of the Marathon route in the historic center, among the most beautiful monuments of the city, up to the finish line in Via di Roma where all the runners of the different distances proposed by the organization of the event will arrive.

To “Running without Borders – All Together” will be admitted all those who are able to complete the short route in a maximum time of 60 minutes, starting from the Porta Serrata area and thus avoiding the difficulties that could create the joyful, but chaotic, group departures of longer distances. Instead, the arrival will be in Via di Roma in the common setting of the event, giving the joy of the finish line, perhaps with arms raised, to all participants.

Each athlete will have a companion recognizable by an identification sign, a well-known face who will support and guide him during the test. At the time of registration it will in any case be necessary to specify the difficulties of each individual athlete in order to allow for better organization. The route can be tackled running or walking, with the possibility of stopping to catch a breath, if necessary, at the side of the road.

The wheelchairs, and the people used to push them, will have the obligation, except for the moment of departure when they start at the back of the group, to walk the route in line, side by side only when overtaking. A real test reserved for disabled people, who, on a day of celebration throughout Ravenna, will find their space and can carve out a moment of joy by crossing the prestigious and coveted finish line of the Ravenna Marathon with raised arms.

As for all the other events included in the Hoka Maratona di Ravenna container, the Green Pass will also be mandatory to take part in “Running Without Borders” in any form and role.

For info and registration: CSI Centro Sportivo Italiano Ravenna office Tel. 0544.31371 or info@csiravenna.it.