1.195. 433  km traveled  by  runners from all over the world on the occasion  of the ravenna runners clubevents, almost 30 times the entire world tour.

82.959  runners  who participated in at least one Ravenna Runners Club event

80 races organized

9 editions  of the Ravenna Marathon City of Art organized + We Are Ravenna 2020 last November 8th

1,054  members in  ten years

1,123 runners  awarded at the end of the organized races

13,715 children involved in the Family Run

3,159 school  children who participated in Good Morning Ravenna

1,402 young people  from schools involved  in the organisation

23 local  schools  involved in the projects: Schools, from kindergartens to secondary schools, in the province of Ravenna that have collaborated in the initiatives: Polo Lama   Sud, Tavelli, Monsignor G. Mesini (IC Randi), F. Mordani (IC Novello), Randi (IC Randi), Camerani (IC San Biagio), Torre (IC San Biagio), Rodari (IC Alfonsine), IC Damiano, IC Novello, IC Randi, SM Sacro Cuore Lugo, IC Francesco Baracca Lugo, IC Don Minzoni, ITIS Nullo Baldini, Liceo Scientifico A. Oriani, IT Morigia – Perdisa, Alberghiero IPSEOA Cervia, Liceo Artistico Nervi Severini, Liceo Classico Dante Alighieri, Polo Lugo, IP Olivetti – Callegari.

620 dogs  that,  in total, participated in the first three editions of Dogs & Run

7,500 or more,   the volunteers  who,  overthe years,  have served in RRC events

50 associations,  social cooperatives,  sports clubs  and third sector companies that have collaborated and collaborated with RRC, among them: Adriatico Wind Club,  Advs Ravenna, Atletica Mameli, Atletica Ravenna, Aurora Associazione Culturale, Avis Ravenna, Cefal Emilia Romagna,  Cheerleaders Chiefs Ravenna,  Chiefs Ravenna, Comitato Podistico Ravennate, Coop Sociale Camelot Persone in Movimento, Coop Sociale La Pieve, Coop Sociale Società Dolce, Coop Sociale Teranga, Coop Sociale Terzo Millennio, Coop Sociale Zerocento, Classy City Committee, Ponte Nuovo City Committee, La Pieve Social Coop, Ravenna-Lugo Territorial CSI, Ravenna Fire Brigade Sports Group Sez. Podismo,Gs Classense, Gs Locomotiva Ravenna, Guzzi Club Ravenna, Mosquitari Ravenna, Podistica Alfonsine, Podistica Secondo Casadei, Podistica Voltana, Polisportiva Camerlona, Polisportiva Ponte Nuovo, Pro Loco  Lido Adriano, Pro Loco Marina Romea , Pro Loco Porto Corsini, Pro Loco Punta Marina Terme, Radioamatori Ravenna, Ravenna Belarus, Ravenna Incoming, Ravenna Tourism, Scariolanti Ravenna, Stella Rossa Casal Borsetti, UISP Territoriale Ravenna-Lugo.

58 bands, groups or individual singers who performed on the streets during the Marathon editions

52,883   Euro donated to charity through charity projects in favour of support initiatives for ADVS, Ageop Association of Parents Hematology Pediatric Oncology, AIC Italian Association for the Fight against Headaches, AIL Italian Association against Leukemias Ravenna, AISM Italian Association of Multiple Sclerosis, Anffas National Association of Families of People with Intellectual and/or Relational Disabilities  Lugo, Banco di S. Antonio, CSI, Emergency,  Fabionlus,  Families SMA, IOR  Istituto Oncologico Romagnolo, Linea Rosa Ravenna,  Mowat Wilson.

17,127 Euros  collected as donations  to support theHospital of Ravenna in the Covid-19 Emergency

31,486   mosaic medals made in   the Annafietta laboratory for marathon, half marathon and good morning ravenna finishers, without considering those of the 2020 edition that, dedicated by Dante Alighieri, will be one of the strengths of the 2021 Marathon. It should be borne in mind that from 2011 to 2013 mosaic medals were provided only for 42K participants. Since 2014 it has also been the touch of 21K runners and since 2016 it has also been extended to Good Morning 10K.

72 The nations represented at the Ravenna Marathon, and not only, in addition to Italy:  Albania, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, El Salvador, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Ethiopia, Philippines, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Greece, Guinea, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Morocco, Mexico, Moldova, Nigeria, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Senegal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, United States, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Venezuela, Vietnam.


Race records

Men’s Record Ravenna Marathon City of Art 42k: Kosgei Japheth (Ken) 2h10’42” – 2019 Edition

Women’s Record Ravenna Marathon City of Art 42k: Chepkogei Pascalia (Ken) 2h33’28” – 2019 Edition

Men’s record Ravenna Half Marathon 21k: Mang’ata A. Kwemoi (Ken) 1h05’08” – 2017 Edition

Women’s record Ravenna Half Marathon 21k: Mukandanga Clementine (Rwa) 1h14’12” – 2019 Edition


And in this list you can not miss a mention to the Municipality of Ravenna, to the Emilia-Romagna Region and to all  the Police forces that have always shown willingness and attention towards the initiatives proposed to protect citizens and in the commitment of territorial promotion. Thanks also to the realities that have always represented a point of reference in the hospitality and hospitality sector such as the Alchimia restaurant, the La Campaza Group, the Molinetto restaurant, the Grand Hotel Mattei, Hotel Diana and Hotel Mosaico.


Finally, thanks to the sponsors, which we do not mention for fairness and respect for everyone, for supporting the great growth of Ravenna Runners Club guaranteeing the necessary fuel for the good functioning of the engine. All of them are grateful for an entire territory.