Also for this month of September the return to running and collective walking after the summer holidays will be branded Ravenna Runners Club with the third and highly anticipated edition of the Ravenna Park Race scheduled for Sunday 5th at Casal Borsetti.

As already happened in 2020, the event will strictly comply with all the protocols in force for the containment of Covid-19, including distancing, wave departures, temperature checks and all those procedures indicated in the Guidelines issued by the Department for Sport of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (for all details www.sport.governo.it).

Online registrations will remain open until midnight on August 31st, but already today the expectation is growing for an event that will allow many enthusiasts to enjoy the beauty of the path entirely planned in the Po Delta Park in the territory of the Lidi Nord Ravenna, with some interesting news planned for both routes.

The third edition of Ravenna Park Race offers a great novelty precisely in the routes. The well-established 21 km Trail Running will be accompanied this year by a 10 km Eco Walking with a largely renewed route.
The trail will unfold on a path without gradients and mostly at sea level for runners accustomed to this distance from all over the peninsula. Those who simply want to enjoy a beautiful day in nature admiring the breathtaking scenery of the Delta Park and the many incredible views of the route, can do so thanks to the 10 km Eco Walking, the short route that can be faced by running or walking with a proposal within everyone’s reach. In both cases, there is a passage in the lagoon area behind the pine forest where the tides will affect the route, making it certainly “more trail” but also much more fascinating.

The Guidelines for Covid-19 will lead to a more staggered and controlled delivery of bibs, just as happened in 2020. The bib can be collected at the offices of Ravenna Incoming, IAT Mausoleo Teodorico in Via delle Industrie n. 14 in Ravenna: Friday 3 September from 10.00 to 17.00; Saturday 4 from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 18.00. On the day of the race, from 7.00 to 8.50 at the Centro della Stella Rossa in Casal Borsetti where the Park Race Village will be set up.
News 2021 also with regard to bibs with chips that will be provided to all those who participate in Eco Walking, who will have registered online by 31 August. In this way anyone, even if he does not run the 21 km, will be able to know exactly the time taken.
Attention then to latecomers. Online registrations will end as already mentioned on August 31st but, should bibs remain available, it will be possible to participate in the event by registering in person on Friday and Saturday at the offices of Ravenna Incoming, IAT Mausoleo Teodorico, at the same times indicated for the bib collection.

The departure in waves will still be adopted to ensure maximum health safety. The first start is set for 9.00 in the morning near the Stella Rossa Sports Center in Casal Borsetti. Starting will be limited groups, each spaced a few minutes. The competitive runners of the 21 km Trail will start first, followed by the non-competitive runners and walkers. And everyone will be sensitized not only on compliance with anti Covid regulations, but also on the protection of the surrounding environment through behaviors in keeping with a beautiful ecosystem to be preserved. Naturally, in the pre and post event phases we will proceed with all the attentions that have become customary in recent months such as measuring the temperature, signaling the appropriate spaces to be occupied and the paths to follow to avoid gatherings.

The Ravenna Park Race course represents the best for those who love natural scenery of rare beauty. Runners and walkers will walk the little roads of an ecosystem like that of the Po Delta Park that nature has been able to create over hundreds of years. The paths of the Pineta San Vitale among pines, poplars, holm oaks of a rich undergrowth, and the large brackish lagoons connected to the sea and crossed by a network of canals on which the characteristic fishing huts stand. The Pialassa della Baiona with the bumps emerging from the waters on which plants of rare beauty grow and many species of birds live, including the famous herons. The Casal Borsetti embankment, which will allow you to travel a stretch of the route overlooking the sea in September. Without forgetting the passage already mentioned in the lagoon area where the height of the tide could vary the route and provide for some passages over special bags placed in the so-called fords. In short, an appointment with nature, its magic and the amazement that these places can offer in a particular period such as the end of summer. The start will be given by Casal Borsetti, but the trail will touch all three northern Ravenna beaches, including therefore Marina Romea and Porto Corsini, until arriving again in Casal Borsetti.

The Ravenna Park Race 2021 medal tells many aspects and as many stories related to this particular event, inextricably linked to the territory and nature. An event that, never as in this period where green issues are an opportunity for discussion and reflection, takes on a particularly profound connotation. Sport and physical activity in general as a teaching to respect nature, to admire it and defend it. Runners and walkers who for one day become part of this wonderful setting becoming a non-invasive element, but connected to a unique ecosystem in the world.
Upon arrival at 21K, participants will receive an absolutely original medal with a striking design.
And all the walkers of the Eco Walking 10K who have chosen, at the time of registration, the option with a medal will be able to have, this another good news of the 2021 edition.
The predominant element for 2021 will also be the image of a Little Egret, a bird symbol of the Po Delta Park, elegant in its white plumage. A bird that can be easily admired along the Ravenna Park Race route, perched on bushes or on aquatic vegetation. Water and earth, the other two elements represented in the 2021 medal together with the logo of the event which with its colors tells the yellow / gold of the hot sun, the blue of the water and the green of the thick vegetation of the pine forest.

Casal Borsetti, and its sports center home to the Red Star, will be animated as early as the early afternoon of Saturday 4 September. The Park Race Village will be set up inside the center, in a reduced size as already in 2020 for obvious reasons. This will be the reference point for the event and the place to collect the bib on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

In addition to the organization of the Ravenna Runners Club, the first edition of Ravenna Park Race will be made possible by a real army of volunteers who will ensure the perfect functioning of all the services necessary for the performance. The necessary staff will be provided by the Polisportiva Stella Rossa of Casal Borsetti, the Pro Loco of Marina Romea and that of Porto Corsini, Avis Ravenna, Advs Ravenna, Asd Podistica Alfonsine and the Pro Loco of Punta Marina Terme, essential points also for the organization of the Ravenna City of Art Marathon. Finally, thanks also to the partners and official suppliers who support Park Race: Martini Alimentare, Innova, Consar, Ethic Sport, Gran Frutta Zani, Eurocompany. Media partner Radio Bruno and Publimedia.

For all information and registration, please visit the website www.ravennaparkrace.com.