Charity project, checks delivered to support local non-profit organizations

Charity project, checks delivered to support local non-profit organizations

The echo and the colors of the 2021 edition of the Hoka Ravenna Marathon City of Art, held on November 14th, are long gone, but well etched in the minds of those who took part in the great event, as well as in that of the many Ravenna citizens involved in different ways.

The second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic, recorded between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, has extended the time and postponed traditional appointments that have always held a prominent place in the weeks after the Marathon. These also include the traditional delivery by Ravenna Runners Club of checks to third sector associations which, in the context of the November container, have joined the «ONLUS Project».

In the late afternoon of yesterday (Monday 9 May), the president of RRC Stefano Righini, together with the Councilor for Sport of the Municipality of Ravenna Giacomo Costantini, met the representatives of the voluntary organizations that in the months preceding the event promoted their status of charity partner of the organization, and in particular of the Martini Good Morning Ravenna 10K, at the same time collecting subscriptions from its members and supporters. In this way, the Ravenna Marathon was once again able to confirm itself as an authentic point of reference in the socio-welfare sphere of the area, donating a total of 4,230.00 Euro to various kinds of projects in support of the local fabric.

During a ceremony hosted at Rocca Brancaleone, in the presence of the Councilor for Sport of the Municipality of Ravenna Giacomo Costantini, the president of Ravenna Runners Club Stefano Righini handed over the checks based on the number of registrations collected.

These are the donations in detail: Fabionlus 1,415.00 Euro; Banco di S. Antonio 180,00 Euro; AIL Ravenna 1,350.00 Euro; Linea Rosa Ravenna 200,00 Euro; AISM Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association 40,00 Euros; A.L.I.CE odv 580,00 Euro. In addition to these, the 465.00 Euro donated to the CSI Ravenna-Lugo as part of the “Running Without Borders – All Together” project dedicated to the disabled were added.

It should also be remembered that, as part of the charity projects of the Ravenna Marathon, the partnership with the IOR Istituto Oncologico Romagnolo was also active in 2021, in the name of the fight against cancer. In fact, this year too Ravenna Runners Club has reserved a quota to be dedicated to the free services that the IOR offers to patients in need. In this case, the donation took place last March in the presence of Cristiana Di Pietrantonio, testimonial of the project and cancer patient who ran the 42km of the Marathon.

“The commitment to non-profit organizations – underlined the president Stefano Righini on behalf of the whole Ravenna Runners Club – is a distinctive feature that we do not want to lose. Indeed, in these moments of economic difficulty for the entire social fabric we are aware that our support can also contribute and help the many realities involved in the third sector every day. We want to be an active and proactive element not only in the sporting field of the territory, but also in the social context “.

Ravenna, 10 May 2022