Wednesday 8 July “Plogging” with Ravenna Runners Club

Wednesday 8 July “Plogging” with Ravenna Runners Club

Wednesday 8 July meeting, for all those who want to participate, at 18.30 at the Baronio Park of Ravenna

A new initiative dedicated to all Ravenna Runners Club members and also open to all those who want to join, both for civic reasons and for the desire to play sports with friends. Wednesday 8 July the company known for organizing the Ravenna Marathon City of Art and other running initiatives will gather everyone for a day dedicated to plogging.

The meeting, in full compliance with all the regulations in force to combat the spread of Covid-19, is set in the Baronio Park area of ​​Ravenna near the entrance from Via Meucci at 18.30. From there the group, based on the pace and ability of each participant, but also on the rules on social distancing in place that day, will leave for a race made of well-being, fun and civic sense in different directions in such a way as to “do cleaning ”in several areas of the city.

But what is it about? What is plogging ?? The term plogging originated in Sweden and is a neologism that combines two words, the Scandinavian plocka upp (collect) and the best known term jogging.

Plogging therefore represents an activity that mixes attention to the planet and the desire to do physical activity: the collection of waste while running. Do good for nature and, at the same time, for your body and, why not, also for your civic sense. Yes, because plogging consists of collecting waste abandoned along roads, sidewalks or in city parks while running or walking, taking breaks to fill one’s sack of waste, abandoned cans and other garbage.