The 2019 edition of the Ravenna Marathon City of Art  is still two hundred days away, but the news and prospects are really exciting for the great sporting event and global involvement that for years has overwhelmed with its colors and its climate of celebration the entire territory of Romagna. The numbers speak for themselves: to date, the 1.300 entry wall has already been demolished. A truly impressive number if we consider that the weekend from 8 to 10 November is still very far away in terms of time, but at the same time the confirmation of the will of so many to want to guarantee the presence of a great collective event.

The start from Via di Roma , as always near the MAR, the Art Museum of the city of Ravenna, and of S. Maria in Porto, will be given Sunday 10 November at 9.30 am, therefore in more than six months, but already today it is easy to foresee that the river of runners and walkers that in recent years has invaded the streets will be greater than the recent past, continuing a growth trend undertaken for nine years, or since the Ravenna Runners Club organizes the event. The constant promotion, which never stops during the year, the presence at the main world running events and an ever closer relationship with local institutions and economic realities of the territory is continuing to bear good fruit.

In the 2018 edition they were 15.000 people involved in the various initiatives proposed during the weekend of the Marathon and in the same period last year there were “only” 705 enrolled in Marathon, Half Marathon and Martini Good Morning Ravenna 10.5K. In 2017, at the end of April, those who had already registered were instead just 268. Numbers that photograph the growth trend even more eloquently and that portend a real invasion of runners, families, tourists, spectators and simple onlookers in the second weekend of November, pace of hoteliers and restaurateurs who can already start preparing today.

Numbers that must be analyzed anyway. If the figure shows 1.304 registrations with an overall increase of 97.7% (almost double), the three events register different growths. As for the Marathon, from 2018 to 2019 the increase is relative, albeit very positive, passing from 309 to 375 (+ 21.4%), while in 2017 the share of 42.195 km was 111. The first boom is recorded in the Half Marathon with the transition from 263 to 392 entries, a good + 49% between 2018 and 2019, with 2017 at 140. But the real surprise with an impressive increase is in the Martini Good Morning Ravenna, the race or 10.5K walk in the city center, from 133 in 2018 to 537 this year, thus 303.8% more. To a galaxy away from the 17 people of 2017.

“It is evident – says Stefano Righini, president of Ravenna Runners Club – that the Ravenna Marathon has become the feast of an entire city, of a territory. An appointment to which everyone wants to take part, those who run and those who simply walk. The increase in enrollments in the Good Morning Martini is incredible and for this reason already in the next few days we will announce a series of innovations that we are defining in these days and that will give even more importance and importance to this single initiative. We want to give the Good Morning Ravenna Martini the right space and the right visibility, guaranteeing to the many people who will participate a welcoming city, a festive, colorful and warm environment. We will do our utmost to make it the most beautiful edition ever“.