The official t-shirt of Ravenna Marathon 2020, a tribute to Dante Alighieri and history

The official t-shirt of Ravenna Marathon 2020, a tribute to Dante Alighieri and history

For this edition of the Marathon, Ravenna Runners Club has chosen a t-shirt with a color of great visual impact such as fluorescent green, combined with acid green, while the layout wants to tell the story and the main characteristics of the Byzantine capital. A city cradle of culture in the Middle Ages and even before a treasure chest of its glorious past that saw it rise to the capital three times, first of the Western Roman Empire, then of the Kingdom of the Ostrogoths and finally of the Byzantine Exarchate. A past that has left as a legacy decides on cultural and artistic sites of great value, eight of these declared World Heritage Sites by Unesco thanks to the famous Byzantine mosaics.

And so, the official t-shirt of Marathon and Half Marathon, shows the profile of Dante Alighieri, a tribute to the Supreme Poet whose 700th anniversary of his death is celebrated in this period, which took place in Ravenna, where his still rest today spoils, in 1321. And as a tribute to the entire city and its history, here is the skyline with the main Ravenna monuments that have become famous all over the world and are easily recognizable in the printed graphics.

As for the technical details of the product, Runnek brand, a company with Spanish roots, the technology used is Drysens which guarantees the lightness of the fabric, excellent breathability and an uncommon softness to the touch. The breathable fabric, in Microtech, offers rapid evaporation of sweat and therefore quick drying, while thanks to Skin4Run technology, developed by Runnek, there is an excellent fit.