The presentation of Hoka Ravenna Marathon City of Art 2021

The presentation of Hoka Ravenna Marathon City of Art 2021


An endless wait, extremely prolonged by a terrible global health emergency. A wait that is about to end, as a sign of a desired, gradual and careful return to normality.

Finally the lights come on on the 22nd edition of the HOKA MARATHON IN RAVENNA CITTÀ D’ARTE, a sporting event but not only. A true container of appointments and occasions for collective gathering in the name of sport and well-being, but above all of being together. Even in this phase in which attention to the protocols and all the indications of the competent authorities must be maximum and constant.

From Friday 12 November the most awaited weekend opens not only for the city of Ravenna, but for an entire territory that will welcome, in a few hours, thousands of runners, families and visitors. The eyes will be focused on the area between the Public Gardens, the MAR, Museum of Modern Art of the City of Ravenna, and Via Di Roma, but also on the structure of the Artificerie Almagià in the Darsena area, where the Expo Marathon Village will be set up and on the former Ippodromo Candiano, the scene of various events. Many appointments. Not only the queen race over a distance of 42.195 km framed in the splendid historical and artistic sites of Ravenna, but a program full of ideas and opportunities to discover a territory that is unique in the world in an international context full of warmth.

After the bitter cancellation of 2020, Ravenna and the whole of Romagna are preparing to welcome runners from all over the world, paying the utmost attention to all the information and behaviors necessary to ensure the execution of the Hoka Marathon of Ravenna 2021 in the utmost serenity. An authentic party that wants to be such even in such a delicate phase. Not just a sports competition characterized by healthy competitive spirit, but a long weekend of emotions for all born, grown and consolidated worldwide thanks to the constant commitment of all the Ravenna Runners Club staff. An event that is now in the hearts of all those who are preparing to participate as athletes or simple walkers, to support runners or to applaud the passage of thousands of enthusiasts who have chosen Ravenna for the sole purpose of participating in a great opportunity for sport, friendship, solidarity and fun in the fantastic setting of early Christian and Byzantine art.

APPOINTMENTS AND TIMETABLE – The Expo Marathon Village will open on Friday 12 November from 12.00, this year in a smaller version than in the past in compliance with the indications of compliance with the health regulations in force. To host the village, which will represent the fulcrum of the events and will host the stands of the services made available, will be, an absolute novelty for Maratona, the structure of the Artificerie Almagià, the former sulfur refinery built in 1887 in the area of ​​the Darsena di Città today space of industrial architecture that has become a cultural hub thanks to the restoration project wanted by the Municipality of Ravenna. The inauguration of the Expo will always be held on Fridays at 16.00.

On Saturday 13 November, the main theater will instead become the area of ​​the former Candiano racecourse. The large open space a few steps from the center will come back to life for a weekend as in the past, with a view to recovering an area that is still of fundamental importance for the city, especially in this phase of restart in which the outdoor spaces they are back to being authentic points of reference. Right from the former Candiano Hippodrome, at 10.15 am the departure of the Conad Family Run, a 2 km recreational-motor event open to all. Afterwards, at about 12.00, the start of the Fruit Bau Dogs & Run, the six-legged marathon with dogs and owners.

Sunday 14 November, at 9.00 the start of the Correndo senza Frontiere – All together, the 3 km reserved for the disabled that will start from Porta Serrata. At 9.15 am, in front of the MAR, the Museum of Art of the City of Ravenna in Via di Roma, the start of the first of the waves of competitors of the Hoka Marathon of Ravenna City of Art 42K and of the Ravenna Half Marathon 21K. At 9.45 am from the former Ippodromo Candiano, to avoid crowds, the start of the Martini Good Morning Ravenna 10K. Upon arrival, scheduled for all distances in Via di Roma, the official awards ceremony will take place on the stage set up in the garden in front of the MAR.

ENROLLMENTS – As of today (Tuesday 9 November), but the numbers are constantly growing and updated, there are already over 3,300 registered in the two competitive races of 42 and 21 Km, representing 42 nations. To these are added the current 5,000 who have already registered for the Martini Good Morning Ravenna and all those who will take part in the other sporting events scheduled for the weekend. Numbers lower than those of 2019 in the pre-Covid era but really incredible if we consider the period and the data recorded in the past weeks from the many great events that throughout Italy have given the signal of recovery of the entire world of running. It should be noted that these are non-definitive numbers as it will be possible to register up to the day before the start.

TOP RUNNER – For the 2021 edition of the Ravenna Marathon there will be the usual top runners, who will try to improve the previous race records both set in 2019: in the men’s race by Japhet Kosgei (Ken) in 2.10’42 “and the female one by Pascalia Chepkogei (Ken) in 2.33’28 “. In this 22nd edition Kenyan Kenneth Kemboi Rotich p.p. will try us in the men’s field. 2.14’21 “, Elkana Langat p.p. 2.18’06 “, Benard Kiptoo Koech debut, Enock Kipchumba Tanui debut, Denis Mugendi Kiura p.p. 2.13’34 “, Simon Mwangi Waithira pacemaker. Among the women, Kenyan Shyline Jepkorir Toirotich p.p. 2.34’10 “in 2021 in Eldoret on the high ground, the Romanian Liliana-Maria Dragomir p.p. 2.45’15 “in Vienna and the Romanian national team at C.M. London 2017 in the marathon. In the Half Marathon record to be beaten 1.05’08 “by Mang’ata (Ken) in 2017 and 1.14’12” in 2019 by Clementine Mukanganga (Rwa). Kenyan Rodgers Maiyo p.p. 1.01’55 “, Edwin Kibet Kiptoo p.p. 1.03’13 “. Among the women Veronicah Njeri Maina (Ken) p.p. 1.09’17 “, Asmerawork Bekele Wolkeba (Eth) p.p. 1.13’19 “. Curated by Michele Marescalchi.

THE MARATHON AND HALF MARATHON ROUTE – The Ravenna City of Art Marathon has been changed and renewed compared to 2019, but will once again wind through the streets of the city to touch all eight monuments recognized as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, but also Dante’s Tomb, the Darsena area and other famous sites. The route will be entirely flat and therefore fast, in the heart of the historic center and in the most characteristic areas, then it will stretch first towards Classe, touching the Basilica of S. Apollinare and then will take the direction of Punta Marina Terme before returning to Ravenna. The Half Marathon will cover the same roads as the 42.195 km for its first 18 km, then, at the roundabout Great Britain, the two roads will divide to meet again in Via di Roma under the arch of the finish line.

THE MEDAL – The medal deserves a separate story. Presented in January 2020 as Annafietta’s tenth wonder, she had to incredibly wait almost two years to position herself in the baskets at the finish waiting for the finishers. So, as for the medals of the Tokyo Olympics. As for the European Football Championships. As with many postponed events from 2020 to 2021, the medal of the Hoka Maratona di Ravenna Città d’Arte 2021 will also carry on the back what was the originally scheduled date for last year’s edition, canceled following the health emergency : November 8, 2020. The 2020 medal was designed as an early homage to Dante’s celebrations, which this year were organized in Ravenna to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri (1321-2021). A medal that is still very current given that in these weeks cultural events dedicated to the Poet are still taking place throughout Italy. A medal designed for one occasion and which will be awarded on another. The reason for this choice is exquisitely practical, given that most of the medals for the 2020 Marathon, all rigorously assembled by hand in the Annafietta laboratory with the Byzantine technique that involves the mosaic tiles with a sharp angle, had already been made in view of the last year’s edition. Today, however, that date 8 November 2020 in a medal that will be delivered on 14 November 2021 also contains a deeper and more important element that will make every single piece a collector’s item, unique in its kind and even more precious: memory. The memory that will never make us forget the Covid-19 pandemic and those who are no longer by our side for new adventures. As always, the medal will be offered in three different denominations. The largest will end up around the neck of the finishers of the Marathon, a slightly medium version will be the turn of the runners who will cross the finish line in the Half Marathon, finally the smaller version for the Martini Good Morning Ravenna 10K.

THE OFFICIAL T-SHIRT – A t-shirt that wants to scream at the world “We are here! In Ravenna for a celebration of sport, friendship and sociability in the name of Dante “. This is the strongest message that the 2021 T-shirt of the Hoka Maratona di Ravenna Città d’Arte transmits. Fluo yellow, with blue inserts and writings, the HOKA brand and Dante’s famous profile on the front, the skyline and #runinravenna on the shoulders to underline once again how the Romagna capital is a real Italian running capital. The t-shirt collects in two images the history of the wonderful city of art that is Ravenna: the skyline with the main monuments of the Byzantine capital and, to honor the So

mmo Poet on the occasion of the celebrations of the 700th anniversary of his death in Ravenna on 14 September 1321, an original profile of Dante Alighieri. At the center, to embellish and make this t-shirt unique, is the Hoka Maratona di Ravenna City of Art logo. The color of the t-shirt is the fluo yellow of the party, a color of great visual impact for what will be a river of runners and walkers who, invading the streets of the city, will give a day of celebration to the whole territory. And if all the runners wear fluo yellow, the volunteers and all the members of the Ravenna Runners Club organizational staff will be easily identifiable thanks to a blue t-shirt designed only for them, in the same pantone as the brand title sponsor HOKA ONE ONE .

THE VIRTUAL EDITION – An extra opportunity to “be” with the heart in Ravenna during the days of the Marathon and feel part of a great sporting event and more. Thus was born, with these prerogatives, the idea immediately espoused and supported by the Tourism Department of the Municipality of Ravenna, of the VIRTUAL EDITION 2021. A version that, on the path already covered by other events in recent months, will allow you to participate remotely at the Maratona which in the meantime will be run in presence on the roads of Romagna. An idea that will therefore accompany the event, allowing those who wish to win the mosaic medal and the technical t-shirt of the event, even from their own city or country. Thanks to the English company Realbuzz Group Events, which also follows other major marathons including those in New York City and London, a real site has been set up at virtualravenna.realbuzzevents.com where you can find all the info. Thanks to the dedicated site, you will immerse yourself in a virtual journey into the beauties of Romagna, a corner of artistic and culinary tradition, with particular attention to the splendid Ravenna monuments recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site, allowing the city to be known and visited in distance from runners around the globe. Included in the registration, each participant will have access to a reserved section where they can enjoy unique experiences and virtual tours.

THE SERVICES, THE RACE PACKAGE – The event and its distances will have a dedicated bag, which must be used for the storage of clothing at the bag deposit, this year set up inside the Public Gardens of Ravenna. The registration includes in addition to the race pack, official technical t-shirt, chip, timekeeping, mosaic medal for finishers, agreements for access to museums and historical sites in the city upon presentation of the bib, insurance, free shuttle bus, service race controller, bag deposit, refreshments, medical assistance and toilet. Bib collection this year will be possible at the Almagià Expo Marathon Village on Fridays from 12.00 to 19.30 and Saturdays from 9.30 to 19.30. On Sunday morning, only for runners coming from outside the territory, a distribution point will be set up at the Planetarium in the Public Gardens from 7.15 to 8.45.

THE MONUMENTS – The indisputable strength of Hoka Maratona di Ravenna called “City of Art” are the eight early Christian monuments recognized in 1996 as World Heritage. Eight breathtaking beauties such as the Basilica of San Vitale, the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, the Baptistery of the Arians and the Orthodox, the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo and in Classe, the Archbishop’s Chapel and the Mausoleum of Theodoric. All sites touched by the Marathon and Half Marathon course. And again the Domus of the Stone Carpets and the Ancient Port of Classe, the tomb of the Supreme Poet Dante Alighieri, the Rocca Brancaleone, the Classense Library, the Civic Tower and the monumental access doors to the city center. The cultural offer of the city is also rich and diversified thanks to a dense network of museum structures. From the MAR – Museum of Art of the city of Ravenna, to the National Museum which exhibits finds from Roman and Byzantine excavations, from the Archiepiscopal Museum which houses the Chapel of Sant’Andrea to the TAMO Museum, the whole adventure of mosaic. Finally, the city dock and the Moor of Venice, the boat of Raul Gardini who won the Louis Vuitton Cup in 1992 and which a few months ago was moved to an even more visible area of ​​the dock.

THE DIRECT VIDEO STREAMING OF THE MARATHON – Among the many ways in which the great event of Hoka Maratona di Ravenna will be told, the confirmation of the live streaming. The cameras will constantly follow the race and will relaunch the signal that will be transmitted in real time on the official Facebook and YouTube fan pages of the Ravenna City of Art Marathon, as well as on the maratonadiravenna.com website. To these, another series of social pages will be added that will resume and broadcast the live broadcast on the web, thus ensuring a very wide coverage of the event and giving the opportunity to many people to attend the event through any device. The streaming will be relaunched, among others, by the Facebook pages of Ravenna Tourism, Spasso in Ravenna, Corriere Romagna, Ravenna24Ore, Corsa, SetteSere, Run2U, RUnTv, OA Sport, Ravaioli Legnami (the list will be constantly updated on the Maratona website ). At the same time, from the specially set up lounge a few steps from the finish line in Via di Roma, the day will be told by exceptional commentators led by the microphone by Marco Marchei, sports journalist and former Olympic blue in Moscow in 1980 and Los Angeles in 1984. Between the guests already confirmed also Francesco Panetta, gold medal at the 1987 World Championships in Rome in the 3000 steeplechase and winner in the same discipline at the European Championships in Split in 1990, recently commentator at the Tokyo Olympics for Eurosport-Discovery +. And again, Gavino “Bingio” Garau, well-known name of Italian athletics of the 80s and 90s now a television commentator, as well as Margherita Magnani, Italian champion five times over 1,500 meters and twice over 3,000 meters as well as record holder absolute Italian on 1,000 meters indoors. Rosaria Console, winner of the 2018 edition of the Ravenna Half Marathon, and Daniele Caimmi, Italian blue marathoner at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 are also announced to participate in the live broadcast that will tell the day of November 14th. Many other friends and well-known faces of athletics Italian and local institutions will be added over the next few days for a live broadcast that already promises to be interesting, sparkling and fun, with the right level of competence that an event like the Ravenna Marathon requires.

IOR, ONCOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF ROMAGNA – For the fifth consecutive year, the partnership between the Ravenna Marathon and IOR, the Oncological Institute of Romagna, is also renewed, a collaboration that brings together two excellences of the territory in the name of the fight against cancer. And this year the partnership will be represented in the running by Cristiana Di Pietrantonio. A 42 km long challenge, the one that Cristiana will face, to demonstrate to herself and to other cancer patients that a diagnosis of cancer is not a sufficient reason to abdicate one’s dreams and passions: it will be enough to cross the finish line of Hoka Maratona di Ravenna to confirm itself stronger than cancer? This is what Cristiana, athlete of the SuperMarathon Club and great protagonist of the new charity project that binds Ravenna Runners Club and the Oncological Institute of Romagna will try to discover. Truly a splendid example for all those who will take part in the Marathon but not only. To help her in the enterprise, Ravenna Runners Club has also decided to entrust her with two “guardian angels”, who will help accompany her to the finish line: the two historic pacers Marco Mannucci and Liliana Farronato who will run with her along the entire route. And if Cristiana fails to cut it within the time limit, it doesn’t matter, we will all be waiting for her and applauding her.


ROFIT – The Ravenna Marathon is confirmed at the same time as a great sporting event and a reference point in the socio-welfare sphere of the Romagna area. In fact, the ONLUS Project for all non-profit organizations and non-profit organizations in the Third Sector will also be back in 2021, with the aim of involving their supporters in the races by promoting their status as charity partner of the Marathon and creating a promotional campaign through the respective information channels. and towards the similar public, not necessarily sports. An unmissable opportunity for the many non-profit associations which, having become a registration point for the Martini Good Morning Ravenna, have created a wider and more diversified interest in their own reality. The following have joined the 2021 project: ADVS Association of Voluntary Blood Donors, AISM Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association, AIL Italian Association against Leukemia, FABIONLUS, Linea Rosa, Banco di S. Antonio, Alice onlus and CSI Centro Sportivo Italiano.

COLLABORATION WITH SCHOOL INSTITUTES – Also in 2021, schools will support the organization of Ravenna Runners Club during the Marathon weekend, contributing to pre, post and during the event services. An important signal in a delicate phase like the one we are experiencing and which demonstrates the close link between the school world and the event. Through the School-Work Alternation project, the boys and girls of the Oriani Scientific High School Sports Section and the Nervi-Severini Art School will provide services over the weekend.

SHUTTLE AND SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE – Sunday 14 November a free shuttle bus service is available for athletes and family members to move around Ravenna from the area surrounding the Pala De Andrè to the start and finish area and back. Service further implemented compared to the past to ensure maximum health safety. On the maratonadiravenna.com website, the other car parks available in the external area of ​​the city are indicated, which will allow you to use the shuttle bus service without problems.

MARATHON BABY PARKING – Also this year Hoka Maratona di Ravenna wants to give an extra thought to families so that everyone, both young and old, have fun on the special day of November 14th. And for this 2021, the service will be provided by professionals from the Order of Health Technicians of Medical Radiology and the Technical Health Professions, Rehabilitation and Prevention of the Province of Ravenna. Also back in 2021 Marathon Baby Parking for all children aged 4 to 12 years, a reserved and supervised recreational area inside the Garibaldi school gym in Via Santi Baldini. All members, after completing and sending the form, will be able to rely on the service proposed this year by the Health professionals of the TSRM PSTRP Order, who will take care of entertaining the children, while their parents will run without thoughts or worries on the streets of Ravenna. . A space specially created for children where professionals working in the educational field will help children explore their potential through sensory paths and play activities. All professionals of the TSRM PSTRP of Ravenna, both in the rehabilitation area (speech therapists, physiotherapists, child neuro and psychomotor therapist, etc.) and in the technical area (radiology technician, hygienists, etc.) will teach children, through educational games, the basis for primary health prevention and knowledge of the human body. The service, free and included in the registration fee for the event, will be available on Sunday 14 November from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm

THE RACE CONTROLLERS – Ravenna Runners Club has studied various measures to ensure compliance with the protocols established against the spread of Covid not only before and after the race, but also during the race. Here are the new guardian angels of runners who will choose to test themselves on the streets of Ravenna on November 14th: the Race Controller. Runners appointed by the organization will run together with the athletes in the 42K course, they will help to keep the right distances, preventing the participants from approaching each other or not respecting the guidelines dictated by the competent authorities. The Race Controllers will be easily identifiable thanks to a t-shirt designed specifically for them and will monitor the route accompanying the athletes from start to finish.

RED CROSS AND SAFETY – For the seventh consecutive year, the Italian Red Cross will guarantee safety with several operational ambulances and AED points for defibrillators along the way, as well as an Advanced Medical Point with resuscitator and critical area nurses in the departure and arrival area . Alongside the health part, they will still be present, to safeguard the safety of all, the Municipal Police for traffic management, the Fire Brigade, the Traffic Police and the Carabinieri, police forces who have made available the bikes that will open and close the race.

THE VOLUNTEERS – From the organization of the expo to the bag deposit, from the refreshment points to the control of the roads. There will be many services guaranteed during the days of the Marathon. Much of this provided by volunteers who represent an essential and fundamental element for the realization of the event. Their contribution has been invaluable in previous editions, it will be so also in this one and increasingly in the future. Suffice it to say that over 350 volunteers will be deployed along the route on Sunday alone, to which another hundred will be added in the area between the Expo and the starting area. The sports clubs that have decided to give their support are Podistica Alfonsinese, Polisportiva Camerlona, ​​Asd Atletica Mameli Ravenna and Atletica Ravenna present with different numbers, however all fundamental for the success of the event. They are joined by groups not only linked to the running world such as Linea Rosa, Advs Ravenna, Avis Ravenna, Ponte Nuovo City Committee, Classe City Committee, Pro Loco Punta Marina Terme, Belarus, ANMI Marina Club of Ravenna, Brigata San Marco Ravenna , Scout Group AGESCI Ravenna, Sc Pedale Azzurro Rinascita Ravenna, Classense cycling group, Guzzi Club Ravenna.

MUSICAL BANDS AND ANIMATION GROUPS – Every self-respecting great event needs its own soundtrack, accompaniment and lots of animation. In short, for the Marathon the petrol in the engine of all the runners along the streets of Ravenna. A pleasant custom that is also confirmed in 2021. There will be many bands and entertainment groups scattered along the route: Michele Guerra, White Kings, Wind Storm, La Banda di Ravenna, Mama’s Scuola di Musica, Brian V, Gianluigi Fortuzzi, Big & Roberta , Without Brakes, The Peter Sellers. And on Via di Roma, the inevitable Cheerleaders and Chiefs Ravenna are ready to animate departure and arrival. Another note of color and music on an unforgettable day with a nice mix of sport and entertainment.

REGISTRATION POINTS IN THE CITY – Over the years the city has learned to support the Marathon, not seeing it as a hindrance event for circulation over an entire weekend, but as opportunities for promotion for the whole territory. This is also demonstrated by the collaboration started this year with the Spasso Committee in Ravenna, a reality created for the commercial promotion of the historic center on the initiative of the four trade associations Confesercenti, Confcommercio, CNA and Confartigianato, as well as the Municipality of Ravenna. On the initiative of Spasso in Ravenna, twelve shops have become available in recent days as a registration point for the event, and in particular for the Martini Good Morning Ravenna. Registration points, equally divided and distributed evenly in the heart of the city and on the main directions for a signal of collaboration between different realities, continuing on the path of collective growth, making Ravenna and its territory more and more attractive. Outside the historic center of Ravenna, the Outdoor and Trekking sales point in via Trieste also collected registrations.

GREEN PASS OBLIGATION – To take part in the events scheduled in the weekend calendar of the Hoka Marathon in Ravenna, the Green Pass will be required, in compliance with the protocols issued by FIDAL, the Italian Athletics Federation, which in turn refer to the provisions of the Government. Sunday 14 November, to take part in the Hoka Marathon of Ravenna, Ravenna Half Marathon and Martini Good Morning Ravenna 10K, upon entering the starting area, the competitors must show the Covid19 green certification. The same goes for Conad Family Run and Frutta Bau Dogs & Run on Saturday 13, as well as for access to the Expo Marathon Village set up in the Amalgià. It will also be mandatory for all, for tracking reasons, to also submit an anti-Covid19 self-certification, duly completed and signed, a document that will be provided by the organization together with those necessary for the collection of the bib.

THE SPONSORS – The event takes place under the patronage of the Municipality of Ravenna, the Emilia-Romagna Region and thanks to the precious support of the sponsors: HOKA ONE ONE, Martini Alimentare, Conad, Enel, Consar, Ravaioli Legnami, Cassa di Risparmio di Ravenna Foundation , BMW Italia, Order TSRM PSTRP Ravenna, Romagna Acque, Generali Insurance Agency of Ravenna, T&C Traghetti e Crociere Srl, CEP, Project Service, Ortopedia Spadoni, Ethic Sport, Innova, Welfare Coop, La BCC Banca di Credito Cooperativo, Riviera Experience, GTI Italian Tourist Guides, Iconika Beer. Media partner: Ravenna24ore, Radio Bruno. Official suppliers: Annafietta, Publ

imedia Italy, Frullà, Euro Company, Granfrutta Zani, Winni’s, Acqua Frasassi, Camst Group, Cofari, Panzavolta Plants, Coop San Vitale, Nonna Iride Pastry Oven. For the “Dogs & Run” Fruits Bau, Robinson, Inodorina and Trippet.


The complete video of the presentation is available on the YouTube page Maratona di Ravenna Città d’Arte: