The days at home continue to follow and it is increasingly difficult for everyone to find the right spaces within the home. Among those who trample to be able to go outside there are certainly the many runners who can’t wait to go back on the road to grind km in the sun, but also against the wind and in the rain, as long as outdoors.

And so, while a first, partial, goal begins to be glimpsed in the challenge to the Coronavirus, Ravenna Runners Club launches a new and nice initiative to involve the many loyal runners forced to home and animate their days. The association that organizes the Ravenna Marathon City of Art, scheduled for this year on Sunday 8 November, launches #IOCORROACASA, a contest in which it will be very easy to participate with the ironic incentive to take off your pajamas for a day and put on your shoes running shoes for a challenge «running from the living room to the kitchen … and back!» as the slogan specially coined emphasizes.

Participation is open to all, in a totally playful and voluntary context! Just print the bib number created for the contest, available on all social and web channels of the Ravenna Marathon. If you do not have a printer available, the bib can also be reproduced by hand. Write name and city and then … go!

The challenge will be this: travel a kilometer inside your apartment, within the walls of your home or, for the lucky ones, in the garden or on the terrace of your home. After covering at least one km, it will be sufficient to take a photo with bib and runner’s clothing and publish it on your Facebook or Instagram profile by tagging @maratonaravenna (Facebook or Instagram) and inserting the hashtag #iocorroacasa.

Simple and fun, for the sole purpose of feeling still united, still together, still active, ready to return to running outdoors.