«PLOGGING DAY» in Ravenna Wednesday 8 July with meeting in Baronio Park

«PLOGGING DAY» in Ravenna Wednesday 8 July with meeting in Baronio Park

In a few days Ravenna will be the scene of a new initiative between sport and the environment promoted by the Ravenna Runners Club, the association known for the organization of the Ravenna Marathon City of Art and other running initiatives and more.

Wednesday 8 July in fact, the association led by Stefano Righini, recently confirmed as president for the ordinary shareholders’ meeting, in fact organizes an afternoon dedicated to plogging with a meeting at 6.30 pm at the Baronio Park of Ravenna, near the entrance to Meucci road.

After the meeting, based on the number of those present, their athletic skills and the regulations against the spread of Covid-19, groups of runners and walkers will be composed who will leave on the streets of the city and return to the park after an hour. about activity.

The various groups that will move, running or walking, on the streets of Ravenna will do physical activity and, at the same time, they will perform an even more important task: that of protecting the environment and paying attention to the decoration of their city with a good dose of necessary civic sense.

Plogging is in fact a term born in Sweden, a neologism that combines two words, the Scandinavian plocka upp (collect) and the best known term jogging. Activity that combines attention to the planet and the desire to do physical activity: the collection of waste while running. Good for nature and, at the same time, for your body. Plogging, in essence, consists of collecting abandoned waste along roads, sidewalks or in city parks while running or walking, taking breaks to fill your sack of waste, abandoned cans and more.

To comply with the regulations in force, all interested parties are asked to fill out the form on the website www.ravennaparktraining.it in the appropriate space of the menu called “Plogging day“. In this way it will be possible to predict how many people will participate, prepare gloves and bags, adequately divide the groups between runners and walkers, in order to avoid any type of gathering still not allowed at this stage.

Participation is obviously free and you only need to show up with the appropriate clothing. The collection material will be provided by Hera, specifically involved in the initiative, and will be distributed to all participants.

A nice opportunity therefore to move and protect the environment, inserted right into the container of outdoor events Ravenna Park Training promoted in recent weeks in collaboration with the CSI Ravenna-Lugo and Gym Academy Asd.

July 4, 2020