There is an air of expectation in view of the presentation of the official medal of the Ravenna Marathon City of Art which will end up on the finishers’ neck on November 8th after having crossed the finish line in Via di Roma. The appointment is set for Tuesday 14 January 2020 at 11.30 am in the Multimedia Hall of the Ancient Franciscan Cloisters of Ravenna, a stone’s throw from Dante’s tomb.

As has happened since 2011, this year too the medal was conceived and created in secret in the laboratories of Annafietta, the famous mosaic artist from Ravenna who works a few meters from the Basilica of San Vitale. What will be presented on January 14th will therefore be the tenth medal of a series that over the years has not only represented a coveted award for all runners, but has become a modern symbol of the Byzantine mosaic and the art that can be felt in the streets of center of Ravenna.

Also for 2020 the medal will be offered in three different cuts. The largest for the finishers of the Marathon on 42.195 km, a slightly smaller version will be up to the runners who will cross the finish line in the Half Marathon, finally the minor version will be produced for the Good Morning Ravenna 10K. An evolution that started in 2011 when a few hundred medals were produced only for the 42 km test, which continued in 2014 with the creation of a medal also for the participants in the 21 km and definitively reached maturity with the third version for the Good Morning proposed starting from 2015. Just as regards the event on the 10.5 km that last year registered registrations of dizziness, this year 5.000 pieces will be made, reserved for its own to the first 5.000 members.

As regards the composition of each piece, rigorously assembled by hand, the Paleochristian and Byzantine tradition will be respected once again using with the “direct method” technique: glass paste tesserae placed on cement mortar and undercut joints to ensure the typical play of reflections and chromatic movements.

From 2011 to today, in the nine previous works, Annafietta has always been able to represent in a few cm the beauties and the symbolism of the world famous Byzantine mosaics. «The realization of the Marathon medal – explains Annafietta herself – is always a source of pride for me and my collaborators. A commitment that is renewed continuously from year to year and which allows to support the growth of the entire event organized by the friends of Ravenna Runners Club. The commitment to the creation of the tenth piece of this series has been even more demanding but also rewarding. After the 2019 medal that many considered as a jewel, this year we are focusing on a product of equal beauty, but which can be considered at the same time a piece of art and history of Ravenna that every participant in the Marathon can bring to their homes all over the world».

Now all that remains is to wait for the veil to lift on the tenth wonder, symbol of the Ravenna Marathon City of Art 2020. A necklace that will be joined, during the presentation, also by the second version of the medal always made by Annafietta for the «Dogs & Run», the nice six-legged marathon runner for dogs and owners that has been taking place on the Saturday before the Marathon for a few years and which already in 2019, for the first time, gave all participants a beautiful medal with a “4 legs profile”.

The further confirmation of how sport, art and mosaic and Ravenna go hand in hand.