The 2021 year ends with great news for the Ravenna Runners Club staff and for the whole city. On the occasion of the last Federal Council of the year, the calendars of the main events for 2022 were defined, with the assignment in Ravenna of the Italian Absolute and Master 2022 Championships on 13 November, on the occasion of the Hoka Ravenna Marathon City of Art.

An unexpected and sudden news that comes as a very welcome recognition of what has been done in recent years in the Ravenna area, from a national and international perspective, demonstrating the approval by FIDAL, the Italian Athletics Federation, of the organization put in place over the years that preceded the Covid emergency, both in the 2021 edition of Hoka Maratona di Ravenna Città d’Arte, characterized by particular attention to all the rules and regulations in force to guarantee the total safety of runners and citizens.

For Ravenna this is the fifth time in seven years, testifying to how the Italian Athletics Federation, today chaired by Stefano Mei, has found a level of organization such as to once again assign such an important event to the same sports association and to the same city. An unprecedented five. On the route of the Ravenna Marathon, in fact, the Absolute Tricolore was already raced in 2015 and 2018, while in 2016 the runners who arrived in Romagna competed for the Masters tricolor. In 2019, both titles were awarded in Ravenna, both the Master and the Absolute one, an experience that will be repeated on 13 November 2022.

Ravenna will therefore return to the flag again in 2022: “A wonderful news – explains Stefano Righini, president of Ravenna Runners Club – which comes to the end of a complicated year on an organizational level, but which has given us great satisfaction in all the events we have promoted. The new assignment of the FIDAL Italian Championships, both Absolute and Master, gratifies us and, at the same time, gives us a responsibility that we will face with the utmost commitment. I consider the choice of Ravenna by the Federal Council, and by the president Stefano Mei whom I thank in advance, a good demonstration of trust and recognition of the work that all the Ravenna Runners Club staff have done in the past and will continue to do in the past. future. As happened with previous assignments, the news for all of us was a strong emotion, but after a first moment of euphoria we are ready to work tirelessly. Once again we want to collaborate with all the economic, receptive and logistic realities of the territory, as well as with old and new commercial partners, so that Ravenna and the whole of Romagna can make the most of this great promotion opportunity “.

And the news that arrived yesterday from Rome also aroused appreciation from the municipal administration: “An important recognition for our city – says Michele de Pascale, mayor of Ravenna – which thanks to the excellent work of Ravenna Runners Club, is once again identified by the Italian Athletics Federation as the seat of the Italian Absolute and Master 22 Championships. A great satisfaction that demonstrates how the Ravenna City of Art Marathon becomes every year an event not only of great attractiveness for sportsmen and amateurs, but also of the highest organizational quality and which stood out last year for absolute attention to the safety of participants and citizens “.