Ravenna Runners Club ASD in collaboration and with the support of the Municipality of Ravenna, Regione Emilia – Romagna, is organizing the event in athletics road race included in the National FIDAL calendar.
Ravenna Marathon City of Art is part of the Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda Age Group World Ranking.



The event will take place on 14/11/2021

Meeting: 7:30 am

Departure time: 9:15 am



The competition takes place on the distance of:

  • Male: 42,195 FIDAL certified
  • Female: 42,195 FIDAL certified

The competitive Ravenna Marathon City of Art is open to all athletes in the following categories:

1) italian and foreign athletes who are members of clubs affiliated with FIDAL for 2021 season and compete in the “Promising Talents” and “Seniors” categories (including the “Senior Masters” category);

2) foreign athletes who are members of foreign federations affiliated with World Athletics and in possession of their registration document:
– foreign athletes from the EU who are authorized by their federation or with a self-certification that bears witness to their membership;
– foreign athletes not from the EU who are authorized by their federation or with a self-certification that bears witness to their membership, and are in possession of an Italian “Permit to Stay” or an entry visa.
N.B. Athletes members of a foreign Federation affiliated with World Athletics who are not registered by their Federation or Club must sign a self-certification that bears witness to their membership;

3) italian and foreign athletes who are members of a club affiliated to a Sports Promotion Body (in athletics) approved by FIDAL for the 2021 season, with an Italian Runcard EPS. Italian and foreign citizens, with at least 20 years old (2001), who are in possession of a Runcard EPS and a medical certificate for competitive athletics, both valid on the day of the event.

4) italian and foreign athletes, who reside in Italy, in possession of a Runcard Standard. Italian and foreign athletes who reside in Italy, with at least 20 years old (2001), who are in possession of a Runcard Standard that has been released by FIDAL (info@runcard.com) and of a medical certificate for competitive athletics, both valid on the day of the event.

5) italian and foreign athletes, who do not reside in Italy, in possession of a Runcard Standard. Italian and foreign athletes who do not reside in Italy, with at least 20 years old (2001), who do not belong to a FIDAL-affiliated club or to a foreign athletics club affiliated with World Athletics or to a club affiliated to a Sports Promotion Body (in athletics) approved by FIDAL, can compete if they are in possession of a Runcard Standard that has been released by FIDAL (info@runcard.com) and of a medical certificate for competitive athletics, both valid on the day of the event.

IMPORTANT- The participation shall nevertheless be subject to the presentation of a medical certificate for competitive athletics that is valid in Italy. Foreign athletes can present a medical certificate issued in their own country, as long as it complies with the diagnostic tests required by the Italian law. In accordance with Ministerial Decree 18/02/1982, every person who participates in sport competitions must undergo prior and regular fitness checks that are specific to each sport. The Italian law requires that the participants undergo the following health checks:
– medical visit
– test of urines (urinalyses)
– electrocardiogram at rest and stress test
– spirography.
All the statements and results from the exams must be authentic and conform to the original. The original certificate, with signature and print of the certifying Doctor, must be shown to the event organisers. A copy of the medical certificate shall be kept in the event organisers’ documents of each race where the athlete, which is in possession of a Runcard, participates.

N.B. The Runcard (Standard or EPS) membership is renewable and it has an expiration date. The athlete cannot compete if it is revealed that his/her Runcard has expired during the membership check on the day of the event, unless proof of the on-line renewal is produced.

N.B. The athletes who participate with a Runcard (Standard or EPS) shall be regularly included in the race’s rankings, but will not be able to receive any refund, bonus, voucher or prize money.

6) ATHLETES FOREIGNERS NOT REGISTERED – Along with the competitive race might be authorized the partecipation of foreign citizens not registered to the federation to the non competitive section with turistical/sportive goals. As specified in the note of Ministero della Salute of 17/06/2015 relative to the Decreto del Ministero della Salute of 08/08/2014, foreign citizens are not mandated to exhibit a medical certificate but have to subscrive a realise form (download it here) in favour of the organizers. This partecipants will be collocated in a separate list in alphabetical order and won’t be elegible for prizes in value or in kind, bonuses, payments or reimbursement of expenses of any kind.



Time measurement and the compilation of the rankings are by Timing Data Service Srl; they are validated by the Technical Delegate/ Judge.



The prize will be coming soon

The start will be divided into grids of up to 2000 participants who will be spaced out for a sufficient time to allow the outflow of the athletes. The starting grid of each participant will be clearly indicated on the race bib by a specific color. Access to the individual starting grids will be manned by our staff who will allow access only to athletes with bibs matched to each grid and to authorized personnel recognizable by a special pass. The grids can be accessed ONLY by wearing the mask; after the start the athletes will continue to wear it for the first 500 meters after which they will be able to fix it on the arm and put it back on upon arrival (in case it is lost or no longer usable, the organization will provide a new one) .

The assignment of the starting grid will take place on the basis of the best time achieved in the last 2 years in an official marathon, as stated in the entry form. In case of lack of indication of the time on the registration form, the organization will be free to assign any available grid according to their needs.
The organization reserves the right to check the time declared by the athlete and make the appropriate changes on the assigned grid if any discrepancies are found.
Any changes will be authorized only upon presentation of the documentation certifying the chronometric performance relative to the reference grid.
No one will be allowed to change the assigned grid without the required documentation.
The grids will be communicated in the weeks prior to the race.



Each participant will receive, along with the dorsal number, a sticker with their bib number to be applied to the personal items bag delivered to all runners.
ONLY THE OFFICIAL BAGS OF THE MARATHON WILL BE ACCEPTED! ( NOT PERSONAL BAGS of considerable size such as trolleys and / or suitcases).
Mandatory delivery DEPARTURE AREA: from 7.30 am to 8.45 am
The organization is in no way responsible for items left inside the bags.
They must be collected by showing their bib number.


As per the WORLD ATHLETICS/ FIDAL regulations, refreshment stations are provided at the start, at the finish and every 5 km along the entire route: in all the refreshment points there will be water.


They will be available at the starting area (inside the Public Gardens) and at the refreshment points along the route.
For the anti covid19 legislation there are no changing rooms and showers.


The organization will make several groups of race assistants (“race controllers”) available free of charge, clearly recognizable and in charge of running the marathon at a constant pace to reach the finish line in the following times: 3h00 – 3h15 – 3h30 – 3h45 – 4h00 – 4h15 – 4h30 – 6h00.


The route will be closed to traffic for a maximum of 6.30 hours. Athletes who finish the course after 6.30 hours will be considered out of the race.


On the race course, due to the Prefectural ordinance, the transit of all vehicles including bicycles will be prohibited. Violators will be stopped and punished according to the law.


Present in the start and finish area and on the route with ambulances and medical staff.



Athletes who drop out of the race can rendezvous at the refreshment and rest stops, from where they will be taken to the finish area, in via di Roma – zona Mar and where they will find their bags



Rankings will be available in the official Ravenna Marathon website  www.maratonadiravenna.com and on www.tds-live.com where athletes can also download their personal certificate of participation.


In case of cancellation of the race because of force majeure no employees and / or not related to the organization will, including revocation of the authorization to carry out by the competent Public Bodies, including pandemic and natural events, and / or in case of interruption, suspension of the race, no reimbursement will be due to participants regarding the registration fee.
The organization reserves the right to verify the possibility of registering at a reduced rate for the next edition.


By signing the entry form, the competitor declares to know and accept the regulations published on the website www.maratonadiravenna.com and to be 20 years old on 14.11.2021.
He also expressly declares under his own responsibility not only to have told the truth, but to exonerate the organizers from all civil and criminal liability for damages and / or things derived from him.



  1. The personal data collected will be processed in compliance with the principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency and the protection of your privacy and your rights. The treatment may take place in paper form and through automated filing in the RAVENNA RUNNERS CLUB ASD computer system;
  2. the provision of personal data is mandatory in order to use the services provided by RAVENNA RUNNERS CLUB ASD;
  3. if the athlete has expressed his consent on the registration form, he may also receive information of a promotional nature both from the association and from his partners;
  4. if you have expressed your explicit consent on the registration form, you will see published images that portray you in the performance of amateur sports activities through the communication tools deemed functional by the association;
  5. the information acquired will be treated in compliance with the privacy legislation and will not be disclosed to third parties who are not in charge or responsible for data processing, affiliated sports organizations and CONI, except as specified in point 3 and without prejudice to the request from the Judicial authority, by the Guardia di Finanza or by another authorized public body;
  6. the system (articles 12 – 22 of the GDPR) recognizes a series of rights including, by way of example, the right to obtain the updating, rectification or integration of data as well as their cancellation, transformation into form anonymous or their blocking if processed in violation of the law and the right to object to the processing of data for commercial or promotional information, to send advertising material or to carry out market research and the right to lodge a complaint with the Privacy Guarantor. For any communication it is possible to write via e-mail to info@maratonadiravenna.com.com or, by registered mail, to: RAVENNA RUNNERS CLUB ASD, Via Oriani n. 44, 48121 – Ravenna

The member is responsible for the ownership and custody of his race bib, acquiring the right to use all the services mentioned in this regulation and subsequently communicated. a) Anyone who, without regular registration, participates without a bib, in addition to being held responsible for damage to persons or property, including himself, will incur sports sanctions under the jurisdiction of the federal bodies and may be subject to the penal sanctions provided for the crime of ” theft “(art. 624. Criminal Code). b) Anyone who, without regular registration, participates with a counterfeit bib or in any case not compliant with the assignment, in addition to being responsible as indicated above, will incur sports sanctions and, moreover, may be subject to the penal sanctions provided for the crime of “theft “(Art. 624. Criminal Code), or, alternatively, for the crime of” fraud “(art. 640 Criminal Code). In cases a) and b) the participants may be subject to the penalties provided for the crime of “non-compliance with the provisions of the Authorities” (Article 650 of the criminal code). The aforementioned cases will be found only after verification of photographic and / or video documentation.


For further information on Ravenna Marathon (how to register, accommodation, how to reach us etc…) please contact:

Ravenna Runners Club ASD  – Via Oriani n. 44 –  48121 Ravenna
Tel +39 345.4420145
www.maratonadiravenna.com  –   info@www.maratonadiravenna.com



Any complaints should be filed in accordance with the rules of FIDAL and R.T.I.



The Organizing Committee reserves the right to modify this Regulation at any time for any reason it deems appropriate for a better organization of the race, after having communicated and obtained approval from FIDAL. As far as not covered by this regulation, the FIDAL and G.G.G technical regulations apply. Any changes to services, places and times will be communicated to the enrolled athletes or will be posted on the website www.maratonadiravenna.com.  In addition, the documentation containing the essential information to take part in the race will be delivered by the organization together with the pectoral.



Website: www.maratonadiravenna.com

E-mail: info@www.maratonadiravenna.com