Great success for the first “Plogging Day” organized in Ravenna

Great success for the first “Plogging Day” organized in Ravenna

Exercising and helping your city in the meantime, defending the environment and showing a sense of civic duty can be fun, even in Covid times. In the late afternoon of yesterday (8th July), the many citizens of Ravenna who met at the Baronio Park tested it and from there they started, either step or run, towards different points of the city.

The first “Plogging Day” promoted in Ravenna has provoked great enthusiasm, confirmed by a substantial participation of citizens of all ages. To organize the event, the Ravenna Runners Club association, known for the great international event represented by the Ravenna Marathon City of Art, which called together all those who wished to try a new way of approaching physical activity and, at the same time, defend the environment by cleaning roads and green areas.

A consensus and participation that went far beyond all expectations, with appreciation from both those who took part in the initiative and those who saw groups of people walking or running parading through the streets of the city. Yes, because Plogging is just that: collecting objects, waste and much more along roads, sidewalks or in parks while doing physical activity, taking breaks to fill your sack of waste, abandoned cans and more.

For over an hour, small heterogeneous groups of friends, relatives and acquaintances, armed with gloves and bags supplied by Hera, collected materials of all kinds and, after having piled them upon their arrival at the meeting point of Parco Baronio, they proceeded to store them. in the appropriate bins.

“It was a fun and at the same time rewarding experience – says Stefano Righini, president of Ravenna Runners Club – which once again showed the great desire of our citizens to engage with a civic sense and, also taking advantage of a beautiful sunny day , to do sports. Seeing together people of all ages who smiled and participated with pleasure in this initiative represented a great result for us. A nice experience for everyone that we will certainly repeat as many of us have asked for. “

The event was included in the Ravenna Park Training outdoor events container promoted in recent weeks in collaboration with the CSI Ravenna-Lugo and Gym Academy Asd.