Sunday 30 May music and sport together with Ravenna Music Race

Sunday 30 May music and sport together with Ravenna Music Race

How to start again after so many months of forced parking, of hours spent at home, curbing the desire to go out, to be outdoors, to talk, laugh and joke with friends without the filter of a screen? Simple, with Ravenna Music Race.

Sunday 30 May, from 9.00 in the morning and with departures in stages in full compliance with all the regulations in force for the health safety of participants, organizers and volunteers, the start of a very eagerly awaited first edition. An event born from an idea developed during the months of the lockdown to unite two sectors that, due to the pandemic, were among the most affected: sports and entertainment, collective running events and music to go more specifically.

To welcome the start of this brand new event will be the space in front of the Port Authority of Ravenna and the main stage of the event will be Darsena di Città di Ravenna, the fulcrum of a 10.5 km circuit that can be tackled at the pace of the race or, in a more bland and calm way, walking and lingering with the gaze on the Moro di Venezia positioned in the new space just inaugurated, on the very particular skyline of an arm of the sea that penetrates the city and also on the Mausoleum of Theodoric thanks to the passage of the path inside the homonymous city park.

And precisely the rhythm will be the leitmotif of this event which, developing the always appreciated idea of ​​the roadside bands during the Ravenna Marathon City of Art, will propose seven musical points along the route which, each with their own music and their performances, will enliven a day that already has a beautiful flavor of collective party. To play for all members and those who pass along the route will be: Mama’s Music School, Officina della Musica, Seattle’s Black Coffee, Wind Storm, Brain V, Senza Freni and also a representative of the Banda Cittadina di Ravenna. In short, many different sounds, many proposals, the most disparate possible, to make this day pleasant for everyone.

And like any event in which music is an important part, here is the soundtrack: Corro come il Vento, the song recently published by Marco Frattini, a multifaceted character well known in the world of running capable of transforming a disability such as lack of hearing into a incredible strength. A pivotal point from which always engaging initiatives arise as will the “music contest” in which the Ravenna Music Race bands will be involved, each one committed to proposing their own version of Corro come il Vento.

Music, but not only that, because Ravenna Music Race will also be a competitive test for all runners who in recent months were anxious to return to confront each other on an interesting track and which, without particular reliefs, could also give interesting chronometric results.

Upon arrival, all those enrolled in the Competitive will find a different medal waiting for them than usual. In the impossibility of putting what for everyone is a symbol of the race and the finish line around the neck of the runners, Ravenna Runners Club opted for a medal-key ring that takes the shape of the event logo. An object of common use that will act as a reminder of this restart after so many difficult months.

Particular speech also for the t-shirt that will be delivered to those registered in the race pack as early as Saturday 29 at the distribution point set up in the Port Authority in Via Antico Squero. The t-shirt will in fact be what should have been the official garment of the Ravenna 2020 Marathon, canceled for the well-known reasons linked to the second wave of pandemic. A t-shirt full of stories to tell, dedicated to Dante for the 700th anniversary of the death of the Supreme Poet, but above all, today, a message of rebirth in all respects symbolized by the new Ravenna Music Race logo.

An important partner for Ravenna Runners Club in this event, and also in the next ones, thanks to a collaboration just born and destined to continue, will also be Radio Bruno. The well-known radio broadcaster has been an official media partner for some time but, due to the pandemic, it will take to the streets on Sunday for the first time alongside the organization. Radio Bruno will set up its music point in the start / finish area of ​​Ravenna Music Race and in recent weeks, through a social campaign, has collected the tastes and preferences of runners. With the information gathered, a play list dedicated entirely to the event will be launched shortly, to be listened to with and without running shoes.

Among the innovations to which Ravenna Music Race is linked there is also the CSI Grand Prix of running, the new circuit within which the event is inserted as the absolute first date. The Ravenna Committee of the Italian Sports Center, under the aegis of which the event on May 30 will take place, has in fact launched a few days a new circuit of competitions with some particular innovations aimed at enhancing not only the participation of runners, but also that of volunteers. A special ranking will be reserved for those who contribute to the organization of scheduled appointments, and therefore also of Music Race, which will entitle them to awards of various kinds. The right appreciation for the work and commitment of all those who put themselves at the service of the community with a civic sense that deserves not only praise, but also a more concrete applause and which Ravenna Runners Club fully supports.

As for registrations, to fully comply with the anti Covid-19 protocols, registrations to the Ravenna Music Race will close at midnight on Wednesday 26 May 2021. To register, simply access the site click HERE and follow the directions, or contact the point sale of Outdoor & Trekking in Via Trieste n. 34 in Ravenna.

There are two quotas: 15.00 Euro for the competitive race (including bib, timing service with disposable chip, t-shirt, medal / keychain, medical assistance, refreshments, insurance); 10.00 Euro for the recreational-motor event, timed for the first time so that everyone can see what time it took, running or simply walking, to cover the 10.5 km (with bib, timing service with disposable chip, t- shirt, medical assistance, refreshments, insurance). We remind you that the Music Race course will be reserved exclusively for those who are registered, to ensure the smooth running of the event and the maintenance of the mapping necessary for the purposes of health control linked to the pandemic.

Finally, a just and dutiful thanks goes to the sponsors, partners and all those who will make this return to running events possible: Consar, Acmar, Semplicemente Frutta, Radio Bruno, the Municipality of Ravenna and the Emilia-Romagna Region. Without forgetting the many volunteers who once again will work for the perfect success of the event with a special mention for ADVS Ravenna and for the Alfonsine Podistica company, always alongside the Ravenna Runners Club. A final thanks also to the System Authority port of the central-northern Adriatic Sea for the great availability shown in this one, as on many other occasions.