“Corro come il vento” is the soundtrack of Ravenna Music Race

“Corro come il vento” is the soundtrack of Ravenna Music Race

Ravenna Music Race will be sport and music and such an event could not fail to have an “official” soundtrack.

And our soundtrack will be CORRO COME IL VENTO, the new song by Marco Frattini!

Who is Marco Frattini? Marco is many things, including runner, dentist, deaf and owner of the “iovedodicorsa” brand.

Yes, you read that right … deaf! But from such a creative character, always ready for new challenges, a funny song could only be born, with a lot of rhythm and desire to live.

And on the occasion of Ravenna Music Race on May 30th, the bands and all the musicians who will play along the route will be involved in a nice “music contest” that will offer them the opportunity for an exibition in a Milanese club for an evening!


Find out more about Marco Frattini

👉🏻 http://bit.ly/frattinirw


👉🏻 maratonadiravenna.com

To download the song for free:

👉🏻 https://www.iovedodicorsa.com/jukebox


Find information and listen to “CORRO COME IL VENTO” on www.iovedodicorsa.com

Or Marco is waiting for you on the Youtube channel “iovedodicorsa


And if you want the text of CORRO COME IL VENTO:

"Corro come il vento" is the soundtrack of Ravenna Music Race