Organizing all family commitments to find time and space to devote to sport is always a problem. Finding out time for a race between family duties and children’s needs is often a challenge. In Ravenna you will not have these thoughts!
All the members of the Hoka Ravenna Marathon City of Art , but also the Half Marathon and Martini Good Morning Ravenna 10.5K will be able to entrust themselves free to the “MARATHON BABY PARKING”, a location designed specifically for children, while mom and dad they test on the streets of Ravenna.
Also this year the Marathon wants to give an extra thought to families so that everyone, both adults and children, have fun on the special day of November 14th: Baby Parking is back for all children aged 4 to 12, an area private and supervised recreational area. All members, after completing and sending the form that you can find on the website, can rely for free on the “Marathon Baby Parking” service, the health professionals of the TSRM PSTRP Order will take care of entertaining the children, while their parents run on the streets of Ravenna.
The Baby Parking service will be organized inside the GYM of the GARIBALDI school in Via Santi Baldini. 
A space specially created for our children where professionals working in the educational field will help your little ones to explore their potential through sensory paths and play activities.
All our professionals both in the rehabilitation area (speech therapists, physiotherapists, child neuro and psychomotor therapist, etc.) and in the technical area (radiology technician, hygienists, etc.) will teach your children the basics of prevention through educational games, primary health and knowledge of the human body.
A totally free service included in the registration fee for the event that will guarantee further support to the families concerned during the event which will attract runners from all over of Italy and Europe.

Fill in the registration form and send it to info@maratonadiravenna.com by November 8th 2021.