Four months from the start, incredible numbers! More than 2,200 members already

Four months from the start, incredible numbers! More than 2,200 members already

The one scheduled for next November 10th will be an event of a size never seen before in the city, a Ravenna Marathon that is already shaping up to be the biggest sporting and aggregation event in the whole of Romagna for 2019 and beyond.

June 30th, which brings with it an increase in the registration fee for the approaching march to start from Via di Roma, it is time for partial balances and analysis of the numbers recorded so far as part of the registrations for the three appointments scheduled for the morning of Sunday 10 November.

The current number of subscribers is 2,203, a number that speaks clearly, recounting an exponential growth already reported two hundred days before the start and confirmed today at a good four months later with an increase of 67.8% compared to 2018, when the members were 1.313.To increase the number of entries for the race on the 42.195 km of the Ravenna Marathon City of Art reached the threshold of 30 June to reach 780. An interesting number compared to 743 of 2018 (+ 21.3%) and which is striking if you look at the 318 registered in 2017 (+ 145%). A figure that certainly also enjoyed the recent announcement by FIDAL that it has assigned to Ravenna for 2019 the organization of the Italian Marathon Championships both Absolute and Master.

A significant increase is also confirmed in the Half Marathon. In fact, as of June 30th, the participants in the race on the 21.097 km are in fact 589, a number well above that recorded on the same date in 2018 or 420 (+ 40%) and almost double compared to 2017 when there were 313 members, with an increase of 88%.

Finally, here is the boom already anticipated last April with the Martini Good Morning Ravenna 10.5k. To what will be the authentic party of the city it seems that nobody wants to miss this year. If in 2017 to June 30 there were 65 registered and in 2018 there were 150 members, in 2019 the number literally shot upwards to reach the incredible 834, so 456% increase compared to the same last year’s date. Yet another confirmation, the umpteenth, of how the 10km formula works in the heart of the city, touching monuments declared by UNESCO as World Heritage of Humanity, on a route completely closed to traffic. Anyone can be part of the endless snake of the Martini Good Morning Ravenna, running or walking, walking through the streets of the city or putting oneself to the test. And all, but all the members, on November 10th will be able to wear the beautiful official t-shirt of the JOMA event, characterized this year by the blue and gold colors of the Galla Placidia sky and enriched by the city skyline. In the 10.5k race packet everyone will therefore find the official JOMA t-shirt, while only the first 3,000 members will be able to put on the neck the medal in mosaic handmade by Annafietta in her artisan workshop, a medal that in other dimensions will touch instead all the finishers of Marathon and Half Marathon.

“The numbers continue to grow – says Stefano Righini, president of Ravenna Runners Club, the event’s organizing company – and they do it every day. For us it is fuel that drives us to work more and more in view of November 10th. The announcement of the assignment of the Italian FIDAL Absolute and Master Championships, for the first time together in our city, has certainly favored the increase of the Marathon members. What is striking, however, is the response to the Martini Good Morning Ravenna. It seems that everyone wants to be part of this beautiful event that will color the streets and we will give the right emphasis to 10.5k with some important news. Among these, all members will find the official JOMA t-shirt in their race pack, in addition the route will be given at 9.45 am, about 15 minutes after the start for Marathon and Half Marathon, under the main arch of Via di Roma with music , confetti and all the honors also dedicated to great athletes “.